Polaris Motor Polaris AM-FIB

Gebraucht, 252 h TT, Chile
Zum Festpreis:
30.000 $

Allgemeine Daten

Flugzeugtyp Ultraleichtflugzeug
Hersteller Polaris Motor
Modellbezeichnung Polaris AM-FIB
Baujahr 2010
Gesamtzeit 252 h TT
Motor Simonini Victor II 100
Landungen -
Zustand gebraucht
Unfall unfallfrei
Standort Chile
Lagerung Hangar / Halle
Leergewicht 285,00 kg
MTOW 472,50 kg
Sitzplätze 2 (inkl. Crew)
Nächste JNP -


Flying Inflatable Boat made by the manufacturer with only 252 hours on the fuselage, 105 on the wing and just 22 hours on the Simonini Victor II 100HP engine. In great condition with very few hours and a lot of extras, in fact you would be getting two planes at the price of one! An amphibian, for summer flying over sea or lakes plus a conversion kit into a land trike for the rest of the year :) see photos.Icom hand Radio, PTT and Flycom intercom system. Rev counter, hour counter, ECG.2 Helmets, 2 headsets, Extra 50 litre fuel tank for a total of 95 litres and 5.5 hours of flying fun. De rigging kit to fold the wing when required whilst leaving it mounted . Land Trike conversion Kit. TWO PLANES at the price of 1. Road Trailer with wing carrier. Only 2 owners the current one with a PPL. Seats in good condition a few scratches on the ribs flooring. NB.20 container to Europe around 2500 euros. No vat.


  • Variometer
  • Stallwarning
  • Wendezeiger
  • Transponder
  • Kurskreisel
  • Künstlicher Horizont
  • TCAS
  • GPS / Navigation
  • ELT
  • Uhr mit Sek.-Zeiger
  • IFR Ausstattung
Kontakt Michael Hall
E-Mail mhaero360@gmail.com
Verkaufsart Komplettverkauf
Rechnung Nein
Eingestellt 16.02.2021
Gesehen 150.590
Aufrufe 1.867