MSW Aviation MSW Votec 322

Gebraucht, 428 h TT, LSZF
Zum Festpreis:
220.000 SFr.

Allgemeine Daten

Flugzeugtyp Motorflugzeug
Hersteller MSW Aviation
Modellbezeichnung MSW Votec 322
Baujahr 2006
Gesamtzeit 428 h TT
Motor Lycoming AEIO-45-X 320 PS
Landungen 1.021 Stück
Zustand gebraucht
Unfall unfallfrei
Standort LSZF
Lagerung Hangar / Halle
Leergewicht 670,00 kg
MTOW 950,00 kg
Sitzplätze 2 (inkl. Crew)
Nächste JNP Dezember 2000


Who is interested in owning this beautiful plane?
High end travel and aerobatic airplane with high power
precision and safety. One owner since new, no incidents
history, last flown in 2016 (ARC 09/2016)
Special Category: Homebuilt, full UPRT capability, category
„experimental", +- 10G
CONSTRUCTION HISTORY : Metals tubing structure & fibre
(cell), wood & fibre construction (wings), fibre construction
(stabilizer). Its a one piece wing out of wood with layers of
carbon, full carbon vertical & horizontal stabilizer.
Basis of design & construction is Rhin DR107. Also the same,
like other very famous aerobatic designs, but home built (EAS)
and registered in Switzerland by Andreas and Ildiko Brauchle
with support from MSW Aviation.
The MSW Votec 322 is a fantastic 2-seat aerobatic aircraft for
sale in excellent condition. No change of owner has been made
since construction. The aircraft can be used as a cruising
aircraft (170kts) or as an aerobatic aircraft (+- 10G) depending
on the configuration. For aerobatics, the baggage compartment
can be removed and the wing tanks must not be fueled. The
ergonomic seating position, in addition to aerobatic flight,
allows for a high level of comfort during several hours of
cruising with 170 kts cruise speed & more than 3 hours of
endurance. The airplane is also suitable for aerobatic
instruction because of double instrumentation and tandem seat
position (full UPRT capability).
The aircraft has always been hangared and has never been
damaged, one owner.
TRAVEL HISTORY : For a number of years it was used to
travel to the most beautiful places in Europe and flown to a
wide variety of airports. Now the aircraft is looking for a new
owner who owns a lot of joy in flying and a spirit of discovery.
What is the plane suitable for? A flight over the Alps, an
overnight stay by the sea, a fun loop and much more. Thanks
to double instrumentation and control in a tandem sitting
position, it can also be used as a training aircraft for acrobatics
Base data
Special Type: Homebuilt/Experimental
Model: MSW Votec 322
Year built: 2006
Registration No.:
Attributes: Always hangared
Location: Switzerland, LSZF
Total Time (TTAF):
428 h
No. of passengers:
Landings: 1021
Number of engines:
Make/Model: Lycoming IO540-X
Power: 320 PS
Prop Make/Model:
Aero 796 GPS
406 ELT
Dittel FSG2T
Rudder & pitch trim
LED strobe, NAV & Pos. & landing lighting
And more full professional equipment
It can also be registered in another EU country.
Option A) LBA (Germany) procedure available since 2 aircraft
are registered already. If relocated to homebase abrioad, crane
construction incl bracket for MSW is included.
Option B) Swiss Register possible with 2 year inspection at
Switzerland (ferry flight or inspectors travel)
Option C) Hangar space incl. crane available for finite period of
time, EUR 300. - per month.


  • Variometer
  • Stallwarning
  • Wendezeiger
  • Transponder
  • Kurskreisel
  • Künstlicher Horizont
  • TCAS
  • GPS / Navigation
  • ELT
  • Uhr mit Sek.-Zeiger
  • IFR Ausstattung
Kontakt Ildiko Brauchle
Verkaufsart Komplettverkauf
Rechnung Nein
Eingestellt 30.03.2022
Impressionen 414.958
Aufrufe 4.757